With each draw, the smaller particles would inevitably move toward the bombilla, but the larger particles and stems filter much of this out. A sloped arrangement provides consistent concentration and flavor with each filling of the mate. Guayaki Yerba Mate energy shots are a good choice because they contain 140 mg of caffeine, which is well under the 200 mg limit.

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But if you did the same to a glass, calabash, or wooden gourd, you’ll probably see it crack right before your eyes. Considering four slice toaster these problems, having to pay a higher price in the name of authenticity can be a hard one to swallow. Concerning the value for money, this is perhaps the worst yerba mate gourd on the market.

How To Prepare A Good Mate Tea?

Apart from the pure teas, you can also get a variety of blends to match your preferences. Here are a few of the most common types of organic yerba mate tea. Then we’ll explore how to prepare and drink yerba mate tea for maximum health and enjoyment. After reaching Europe, yerba mate tea has been adapted to the apparatus at hand.

Yerba Mate ‘terere’

I make mine in a teapot and pour the drink into a cup. We coined the term UNSMOKED to describe the unique drying method that our farmers employ, which uses warm air instead of the typical wood smoke to dry the leaves after harvest. Visit ourUnsmoked Yerba Mateblog for more information on the benefits of drying yerba mate with warm air versus smoke. Fill a cured mate cup just over half full with yerba mate.

Tea 101 Find the tea that’s right for you and learn how to brew the perfect cup. Caffeine, a xanthine, is a stimulant and nutrient driver. So I love to mix yerba mate with chocolate and then use those to carry in the medicinal compounds found in reishi and chaga mushrooms. For some people, the naturally caffeinated beverage delivers enough without the pre-run jitters or irritability. And since the drink contains fewer acids than coffee, some people find this beverage is easier on their stomachs than coffee, which can be especially beneficial before a big workout.

After letting the drink sit for a little while, the drink is safe to consume. Some prefer replacing the hot water with cold water and ice, though this is all about personal preference. There are also other traditional methods of yerba mate preparation that involves gourds and bombillas, but it’s unlikely that you will use this method to prepare yerba mate at home. Its consumption has transitioned from God-given drink to an outlawed dirty, punishable vice and finally to a valuable recommended beverage with invaluable health benefits. Besides the traditions, scientists have since proven that drinking yerba mate has a lot of health benefits including disease prevention and weight loss.

Taragui Yerba Mate + Bombilla + Glass Leather Gourd

A relative of holly, the yerba mate plant has been used by humans in some form for around 3000 years. The double action is your standard Argentine bombilla. It’s reliable and allows for a good flow of liquid with its round spout. Use this bombilla with Classical Argentine cuts, with high amounts of stems and leaves. You don’t need a traditional gourd to enjoy this tea properly. Yerba mate tea isn’t usually sweetened, but if you want to it’s best to use simple syrup .