With its jogger stroller size and ease of use, you can easily place Nature’s Hangout feeder in your top choices . It is sturdy and will surely last several years with proper maintenance. © 2021 Maven Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Maven Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

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Make the most of your birdseed with an EcoTough® Catch-a-Seed Tray. If you’re adding a Catch-a-Seed Tray to an APS setup, you must also purchase an APS Catch-a-Seed Tray Feeder Flange. A large number of birds eat seeds and will be attracted to your garden if you hang up a peanut or seed feeder.

Wurster Birdhouse

A hopper feeder maintains the birdseed in the right conditions while waiting for the birds to find your feeder. Deer Proof – Yes, sometimes a deer might find its way to your feeder. This does not only make your feeder vulnerable to bigger animals but might endanger the birds in general. Deer proof pole means taller and long upward looking hanger arms. A normal whitetail deer can only stand 6 to 8 feet so approximating the pole’s distance from the ground will surely let you keep both the seeds and the birds.

Fleur De Lys Design Metal Trellis 120cm X 50cm By Gardman

Although it says orange feeder, you can put other fruits in this feeder too. You can cover it up with a piece of fabric to keep the squirrels away, and add some more colors to it. This is a really economic idea, and you don’t even have to create as many bird feeders.

Step 6: Secure The Rope Hanger To The Garbage Can Lid

Getting a squirrel proof bird feeder for your backyard gives you this, plus a couple of other benefits. Finding a good squirrel proof bird feeder should be easy. It should function as a bird feeder first, then provide a proofing system that will suit your feeding needs. Don’t forget to read through squirrel proof bird feeder reviews in order to set your expectations on the feeder that you’d like to buy. What I don’t appreciate about this particular bird feeder is how rainwater can penetrate the seed chamber. Once the seeds are soaked, it gets spoiled and the birds won’t eat it anymore.

For all these virtues they are a beautiful, practical, and also economical option if you are looking for a bird feeder. A high quality mix including a good portion of sunflower is more likely to keep new birds coming back and establish your feeder like a source of food. You want to prove to the birds that your feeder is a location for finding consistently high-quality food.

If you are a big fan of bluebirds, buying a bluebird feeder is the first step. Second is to decide where will you place or hang it for the birds to notice it right away. Third is to keep it occupied, which includes cleaning and refill schedule. Even if you are only attracting bluebirds, you still have to consider the capacity of your feeder. You better get a bigger one so you can rest and enjoy watching them eat happily.

Where Is The Best Place For A Bird Feeder?

They have very strong but relatively large beak so sunflower becomes an easy and favorite seed of choice. Putting such seeds on a mesh might be a challenge for the Cardinals. Being territorial birds, getting the best feeder is a necessity.